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Mozilla vs Wordpress

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I am having a problem with the view in Mozilla when attempting to access my blog on Wordpress.

I posted in the Wordpress forum- https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/desktop-apbrowser-using-browser-returns-locked-pages?replies=1#post-2785273 - before I realized the issues is with Mozilla and not my other browsers e.g. IE & Chrome.

I will have to link back to this forum because I am not able to upload a screenshot in the WP forum. I apologize for any confusion. In fact, if you follow the link to the WP form I go into detail.

In light of repeating myself, I realize the screenshot shows my add-ons, but I have attempted to view the pages in safe mode, thus disabling my add-ons. I have also cleared my cache (I do that regularly) and dumped whatever cookies I had and set the browser to accept "sll" cookies, I had been only accepting cookies from sites I visited merely to avoid tracking cookies.

As I said, I go into more depth on the WP forum, mostly because I suspected WP. I was making a post yesterday in one tab and updating one in another and strangely, I had a normal view in the new post page and this blank view in the tab I of the post I was trying to update. At the time, I didn't give it a lot of thought. I simply thought it was a glitch. However, today every link from the front page leads to a blank page like the one in my screenshot, with the highlight in the address bar.

Mind you, if you read my post in the WP forum, they did release an update for their desktop application yesterday/today, and so I still wanted to believe the fault was with them, and it still may be and yet the pages view find in IE.


I'm truly stumped.

I would hate to have to do a clean reinsall of Firefox entirely because I am not sure if it is all Mozilla except that I only get the blank view in Mozilla and not IE.

I am going to link my WP forum Post back to this one so, hoefully, someone can see the screenshot.

As always, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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@ jscher2000

yes it is an older version of Adobe that I used in College. Seeing as how I paid for it, I have options which aren't available in the more recent, free version. That is to say--I can convert most pdfs to a different format, like Word. Also, when I installed that version, there was/is an option that normally appears on the toolbar to format web pages into pdfs, which I found useful., but the jist of the restriction, the way I understood it, was because I have a 64 bit machine.

No matter, it's not that important anymore.

Thank you.

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For converting pages to PDF using a toolbar button in Firefox:

Unfortunately, Adobe did not update the "Create PDF 1.2" extension that it supplied with Adobe Acrobat X to work in recent versions of Firefox. (Some users reported it stopped working in Firefox 29, but it definitely would have stopped working in Firefox 48.)

The update was only provided for users of Adobe Acrobat XI ("Create PDF 2.0" -- works fine on 64-bit Windows) and the newer DC series (I haven't tried it).

You still have the option to Print to PDF by selecting the Distiller (or other Adobe printer name) in the print dialog. And there are other free PDF printers if Adobe's doesn't do a good job. For example:

http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator (free and open source)

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Thanks for the link jscher.

I will bookmark it. I may have seen it before because I did do a search, though in reality, it was simply a perk of the program. It is more important to me to be able to convert the pdf to a more readable format. I don't find the reader in Adobe to be all that. I use a text reading program called Zoomtext, and when I was taking classes online all my books came in a pdf format, many of which weren't readable for me. So purchasing Adobe X was a huge help for me in that department, particularly when I was majoring in literature.

On the other hand, Adobe's support sucks sometimes.


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