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how do i get rid of the history that appearsb when i am putting in a website i want to get to

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as per question. I need to get rid of all history that comes up this way.i have tried what seems to be everything and nothing works.

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If you are referring to the list of websites that displays on the address bar while typing your search text or URL, then you can easily adjust what displays in this drop-down from the Firefox options menu.

If you open the Firefox options and go to the Privacy tab, you will notice a section that says Location Bar. You select whether you want Firefox to display your bookmarks, history and/or open tabs when you type into the address bar. To stop history from appearing, simply remove the checkmark next to history.

For more information about the Firefox Awesome Bar feature, please refer to this Mozilla support article:

I hope that I have provided you with the information necessary to solve your problem. Please let us know if this solution worked or if you require further assistance.

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I did as outlined in the response, thank you for that, but when I type into the search bar, I type one or more letters of the site I am looking for and every other site that has these letter(s) in comes up in a drop-down list and this is what I want to get rid of. This is where I need the help and advice as I have been unable to figure out how this is done.

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Hi, in Options as above, go to Search, and deselect 'Show search suggestions in location bar results.'