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urls I input to one website are changing only in the firefox browser on one computer

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I sometimes to to the website http://revcom.us by typing revcom.us. I went there last night no problem. Today, The url changes to this: http://revcom.us/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/static/css2012/basic-page.css

and it appears that the page automatically reloads at least twice per second adding another static/ every time endlessly.

Another behavior that began on this domain today is that when I put in one of the main pages on the site: revcom.us/avakian this comes up: http://revcom.us/SpryAssets/SpryTooltip.js

My computer is running osx Yosemite 10.10.5. Firefox on my other Yosemite Macs is not doing this.

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Possibly related: I downloaded the program BitTorrent last week which has been changing my search engine and homepage to yahoo on firefox, safari and chrome. When I go into preferences and change it back, after restarting the browser or computer, yahoo has been put back. I just uninstalled Bittorrent.

(I have not downloaded any torrents.)

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Are you still having the issues?

Have you contacted BitTorrent support?

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I am not positive the two are related. But, I would not trust bittorrent support since the offered the spammy app during their installation which I tripped over.

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Can anyone recommend where I can get help for this problem?

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Is it only that one site you have an issue with ? If so you could consider as a workaround using an alternative browser just for that site.

Try using Firefox in its safemode and with all plugins set to never activate.