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How can I save a webpage in .html format in Firefox Android?

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In the Firefox version for PC, you can easy "Save page" onto your hardrive. This creates an .html file, with an invisible folder attached, that enables you to store a page in your hardrive that you can both open offline with any browser and use as reference (for how the page looked, content, etc.). A PDF save, which is the only option I can see available on the Android version, keeps the content, the address and the links, but not the format. I much prefer saving in .html for this reason, as PDF printers from different providers do a serviceable job in keeping a register of the content, but a horrid job of keeping the aesthetics and readability of the original page.

I just want to know why this "Save the page " command is not available in Android, and if there are any plans for incorporating in the near future.

Thanks in advance, Joana

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You can use an addon called as 'Save Page' available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/save-page/?src=search

It has the option to save the web page as html for offline read.