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How do I delete specific webpages in my history on Firefox for android?

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The steps shown here are not what I see using my Samsung Galaxy S6, not even remotely close. I shouldn't have to ask this question. This support site should provide a Users Guide in addition to answering FAQs. With the basics and even advanced topics covered, there would be fewer questions and fewer frustrated users. IF users need further help after searching there, then this form should be available for trouble shooting. Did I just completely miss the Users Guide somewhere?

Lastly, basic questions like the one I've asked above should be included in google search. General questions usually have a a simple explanation listed first thing before any search results BECAUSE TIME IS VALUABLE. Waste my time and I'm DONE with your app no matter how "cool" it is!

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What method did you try?

You could try this:

  • display history (e.g., tap the address bar, switch to the History panel)
  • long-press the entry you want to remove, then tap Remove from the context menu