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How do I get back my downloads?

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So 8 hours ago I downloaded a emulator and some games. After I was done playing them, I closed Firefox and turned off my computer. Well here I am and when I click on the downloads tab on the Firefox it shows "no downloads" it's just blank. It just sucks cause all of the save data is gone and I have to start all over again. Plus there was some other downloaded pics that I wanted to save but didn't get the chance to. Can anyone help?

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Downloads are a category of history and you normally could view them in the Library dialog. The Ctrl+j keyboard shortcut should open that, or the "Show All Downloads" link. Anything there, or is that what you already checked?

Occasionally after system updates, Windows launches in a mode where Firefox has only partial access to your settings and data. The workaround in that case is to shut down Windows and start it up again. I would try that before doing anything drastic.

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Also, unless you chose a different location, Firefox would normally save downloaded files into your Downloads folder. Even if the list was deleted from Firefox, normally the downloaded files would be retained in that folder (on Windows -- it's different on mobile).