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Firefox crashes daily in plugin container on Facebook

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OK - I have searched and Googled.

This happens with FF 46 32 bit, 64 bit, portable, on Win 7 32 bit, 64 bit and windows 10. It happen in safe mode. It has all plugins up to date. I t has remove all but needed and non removable add ins - such as Flash, Acrobat Reader, etc. It happens on computers with plenty of RAM (16 GB). Oddly enough, it happens worse with safe mode and plugin container is run-a-way. With normal mode, it appears that plugin container is under control and Firefox itself runs amuck.

So - totally repeatable. Page down in Firefox with one or 50 tabs open - no matter. It will crash. Goes black, or stops responding. Until Firefox closes. NEVER happens with Edge for example.

I have to think it is a Firefox memory leak, but even using Firemin does not help much if at all.

What can be done? I have done my homework!

Problem signature:

 Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
 Application Name:	plugin-container.exe
 Application Version:
 Application Timestamp:	572818c9
 Fault Module Name:	mozglue.dll
 Fault Module Version:
 Fault Module Timestamp:	572808c3
 Exception Code:	80000003
 Exception Offset:	0000efdc
 OS Version:	6.1.7601.
 Locale ID:	1033
 Additional Information 1:	0a9e
 Additional Information 2:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
 Additional Information 3:	0a9e
 Additional Information 4:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

More info, of course. End of my rope on this one....



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Yes noted thanks. We are not yet certain of course if this will remain the case when Firefox 50 makes it through to Release.

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Well, I thought 50 would be released 11/8. Nothing yet. SO hoping to close this thread one day....


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50 is out and DAMMMIT, no change. The Nightly 50 worked as desired and released memory. But no change here.

So now I wait until what, January 24th for 51??

All that testing, reporting and nothing done about it. Feh.


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¡Hola Bob!

Got one crash report from 50 that you could please share with us?


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Hola Alex!

I did not push it to crashing. With the Nightly, never, ever got close. FF would release memory as I scrolled. So no chance ever to crash.

The release of 50 builds and builds used memory. So I KNOW it will crash, just did not push it that far. I will if you like but could be a day or two. It appears as no memory management changed - at least on the outside.

I was so hoping to kill this never ending thread today :(


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Crashed Alex, but no report! Got the Windows dialog that FF has stopped working,close or look for solution, etc. Will try again once more. This was at maybe 2.7 GB RAM used. 32 bit FF of course.

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Here's your crash, Alex:



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Hmmm, plugin container is active again guys. Why? I thought I had killed that when I turned off Flash. Why do I have it back taking resources?


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OK, Plugin Container is site specific and I have not yet determined which site. But one I visit turns on PC without Flash running. Will let you know when I find it.

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Hi again Bob, I will give it a couple of days to see if Alex gets back to you, as I do not actually use Facebook & even with borrowed credentials could not reproduce the last Facebook OOM bug I looked at so I am not the best person to try helping you. Meanwhile I will make some brief comments.

in4m8n said

Here's your crash, Alex: bp-301cefb7-d2a9-4d4b-a205-50be72161116 ~Bob

That is linked to a bug about none actionable bug. As I understand it the problem is that Firefox is just genuinely running out of memory.

That crash was with 32 bit Firefox 50, and presumably 64 bit Firefox 50 uses a lot of memory but does not crash.

Forum Note

  • Report for Crash ID bp-301cefb7-d2a9-4d4b-a205-50be72161116
    1. Bug 1034254 - crash in OOM | small (generic out of memory case, only solvable with general memory usage reductions)
      • N.B. the above line in brackets is part of the bug title not my own note - John
      • White board notes in that bug:
        [unactionable][please file reproducible cases in separate bugs, dupe non-reproducible ones here]
    2. Bug 1182793 - crash in OOM | small

in4m8n said

OK, Plugin Container is site specific and I have not yet determined which site. But one I visit turns on PC without Flash running. Will let you know when I find it.

I wonder if it is something other than FlashPlayer using plugin container when the site specific plugin container opens. I was under the impression plugin container settings were global for Flash Player. Does the mystery site manage to change your setting and thus have plugincontainer active on Facebook's Flash Player use.

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Hello John,

Let's see...

Found the culprit on plugin container which is E-Trade and I had set that to always allow Flash. So that clears up any notion of a new plugin container issue.

Yes, this 50 is 32 bit. But as I mentioned in the Nightly 50 9and 51 and 52) you could watch FF release memory on Facebook so it never could happen. That was not ported to the release, unfortunately. It was the fix. Or at least one of them.

And yes, 64bit consumes tons, but does not crash. Seems to stutter a tad a times scrolling or refreshing pages and 49 was better performing, but no crash. Ever in any 64 bit. But it will use 7-8 GB of RAM.


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A couple of suggestions whilst waiting to see if Alex gets back to you

Does the current Firefox 53 Nightly still work OK ? If not maybe any fix was removed.

Could it be a profile issue have you tested current Nightly and Current Release in a new profile. (May need to review E10s status) It is probably also worth testing both in Firefox's safemode even in a clean profile.

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I have not tried a nightly since I saw two or three in a row that worked as I have always expected FF to work. I should not have to be a Beta tester. Reported it was fixed, hoped for the implementation.

Has nothing to do with a profile. Let me try to be very very clear, John.

The Nightly's released memory as it was used. It was clearly visible. Not a plugin ,not a profile nor any other issue/ It fixed the problem where memory continues to get consumed, especially when browsing Facebook for a long time, until FF explodes.

It is that simple. No need to look elsewhere. That is the issue, it was fixed, it was not implemented.

No need to new profiles, safemodes, etc. Nor will I take the time again. I did all that. I showed the issue. It was solved. Just cast aside it seems.

Sorry, just very frustrated. i expected to post a glowing post and close the issue a few days ago.

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Sorry in4m8n but there are never any guarantees that any particular change in Nightly will make it through to Releases.

The issue you have seems to be one that can be avoided by using 64 bit Firefox. I suspect it is rather an edge case and it does not seem that others are reproducing it.

The crash signature you have at the moment is apparently a fairly generic one probably indicating 32 bit Firefox is running out of memory. This is the last comment in your bug report by a Developer Nicholas Nethercote - the developer who recently ran a memory related project for Mozilla and developed the about:memory feature amongst many other things.

(In reply to Alex's question about whether it was worth filing a follow up bug )
(#c26}You can file a bug if you like. Unfortunately it'll just be one more "OOM | small" bug report, of which we already have many. When an OOM of this kind occurs it's hard to pin it down to any particular cause, unfortunately, so the bug report is unlikely to result in useful action.

The crash report indicates that the user has plenty of RAM (9 GiB) so you could suggest that he try a "Windows 64-bit" version of Firefox, available at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/. There's a good chance this will make the problem go away.

P.S. Presumably Alex closed this thread in view of comment

No need to new profiles, safemodes, etc. Nor will I take the time again. 
I did all that. I showed the issue. It was solved. Just cast aside it seems.

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