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Firefox 46.0.1 and Norton 360 Premier. Norton is blocking sites as "Dangerous Web Site Blocked" :

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Using Firefox 46.0.1 and Norton 360 Premier. Norton is blocking some web sites as "Dangerous Web Site Blocked" : Digging down the Norton report say that it is a 'nuisance' "Norton Safe Web has analyzed warley-mrc.org.uk for safety and security problems. Below is a sample of the threats that were found. Summary Computer Threats: 0 Identity Threats: 0 Annoyance factors: 1 Total threats on this site:who have checked sites I reported and their response to each is ""The Symantec Security Response team has reviewed your recent submission to the False Positive Phish Webpage form. Our analysts have been unable to reproduce the suspicious phish site verdict on the provided URL. This result could be because the weTb address reported is not the exact address where you encountered the suspected phish site, or the issue has been reported previously and since fixed." I have tried three other browsers and only Firefox gets this report from Norton. Is this a known problem, is there a fix other than using another browser ?

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Disable that Norton Safe Web add-on and use the built-in Phishing and Malware Protection features.


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Thank you, however I use more than one browser for testing web sites so to disable to Norton features would, it seems to me, reduce the protection for other browsers that do not have the Firefox facility. Will have to remember this and adjust my working accordingly.

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You can contact Norton if you have a question about their software.