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How do I make bookmarks automatically open in a new tab instead of in the current tab?

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Currently all my bookmarks, especially those in the Bookmarks Toolbar always open in the current tab I'm looking at, thereby changing my current tab to a new one. I want to keep my current tab and simply click on a bookmark in the toolbar and have it open in a new tab, just like it does as a default setting in my other browser Maxthon. This crappy browser instead forces me to first click on a new tab and THEN choose my bookmark. I don't like clicking twice for a bookmark, I want to do it in ONE click, not two. So, once again, how do I make bookmarks automatically open in a new tab instead of in the current tab?

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Hi, this add-on works for me: Open Bookmarks in New Tab.

There are other add-ons that open links/bookmarks in a new tab, such as -

Open Link in New Tab.


Right Links.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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moz2u said

... It has many deficiencies as does EVERY browser's bookmarks system. The answer is to use a separate, stand alone bookmark program that interfaces with all the browsers we all use. ...

When you find a program such as that, please let us know.

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I will indeed!  :)

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