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I don't want to save my closed site history,but homepage?

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When I open Firefox I need to open multiple tab(gmail,google translate,typeracer,typing.com,project Euler.net). So,I save these site's URL in my homepage and then if I open Firefox ,it open these sites by default without telling it. And another feature is it opens "windows and tabs from last time".

The the problem is Firefox save my work in his history,I don't like this.So,I use private browser(I use Ubuntu 14.04,so the private browser theme is interesting to me) where I can't save site URL and then I open these sites manually.Is there any setting exist in private browser where I save my homepage?

Finally,I want a feature where Firefox don't save my closed tab information when I close Firefox for next time use.

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See - How to set the home page It works in Private Browsing, too, to open multiple "homepages" as long as that setting is made outside of the Private Browsing mode.

"Restore Previous Session" requires that History be saved; won't work without "history".

As far as not saving "closed tabs information", just turn off "history".

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You can possibly add the URLs to the command to start Firefox. Easiest might be to use a Bash script.