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How do I get rid of the 'From around the web' adware when I have tried everthing that has been suggested on the web? Nothing works.

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I use a Macbook Pro. I have scoured the internet for answers to this adware problem. I have cleared the two add-ons I had on Firefox (I don't like too have too many - one was speed dial and one was the add-to-speeddial button). I have reset Firefox, and then when that option disappeared from the menu (I'm fairly sure that shouldn't happen?), I refreshed it instead, as that was the only choice left to me. I have uninstalled Firefox and re-installed it. I have updated it to the latest version. I have created a new profile, in fact more than one, since it keeps asking me to do this. The Adware is still there -it doesn't appear on all web pages I visit, just most of them. HELP ME SOMEONE?!! LOL It's driving me nuts!

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See this > Google search < for many articles about how to get rid of that Malware,