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Need to prevent automatic updates on 5oo+ computers.

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I work for a company with over 5oo computers all working in Firefox. Firefox wants to update all of the time, or at least it asks if we’d like to update. However we need our version of Firefox to not update on its own, and furthermore we need the pop-ups to quit asking if we want to update. I know that I can go into the settings on my browser and select “Never check for updates”, which I’m assuming would prevent the automatic updates and the pop-up asking me if I want to update. What I need to know is is there a way I can login to all 500+ computers all remotely, all at once, and preferably through a server, in order to change the setting in all browsers? I should mention that only four employees have administrator login privileges to change settings and run programs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You would probably be best using Firefox ESR, and right now that is transitioning between Fx38 Fx45 and probably is a good time to switch channels without getting profile complications. There is documentation and a specific mailing list for ESR issues and discussions

There are methods of customising and locking Firefox. See also

P.S. It is even possible to setup your own update server

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