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Moving Profile Issue

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Hi we have roaming profiles in our environment. Whenever a client installs firefox we need to move the profile to a local volume or else it will put the users roaming profile over its limit. I always do this by creating a new folder on the local volume > cut the contents of the profile from %appdata%/roaming and paste it to the new profile location > then i simply update the profile.ini with the new profile path. I never have a problem doing this, but with this one client I am experiencing after moving the profile to the local volume the next time firefox is launched it recreates a new profile folder on %appdata% and points the profile path to it.

My client did have mozilla installed on multiple machines so i uninstalled it from all machines, deleted all mozilla folders from every machine and started it from scratch, but I am still running into this issue when moving the profile

I am wondering if the users roaming profile is causing this issue and it perhaps needs to be recreated? I am trying to avoid that step.

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This situation is really beyond the intent of this forum, which is for end-user support. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/where-go-developer-support

As far as Firefox automatically creating a new local disk Profile, how are you handling profiles.ini?

Firefox looks to the profiles.ini file upon launch and if Firefox can't 'find' the Default=1 Profile where it expects to find that Profile, Firefox will go ahead and create a new Profile in the default location.

IMO as someone who has worked extensively with "Profiles", but never with server based "roaming" Profiles, it seems that might be related to your problem.