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Can't restore session using sessionstore.js

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I lost my session when I last opened Firefox (must have opened a window and closed it or something...). I looked and my sessionstore-backups folder and the recovery.js file seams to have my missing tabs.

Still - after trying to replace the sessionstore.js file with the recovery one (I also tried changing the bak file) Firefox magically re-opens with the same last session on it!

I'm going slightly insane here and would really appreciate some help... P.S: one theory - any chance this could be related to "Tab groups" being installed? I don't know how the recovery deals with these now... could it be that it creates its own sessionstore.js file or something of that sort?

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If you saw tabs in the recovery.js/recovery.bak/sessionstore.js that are not visible in your actual session, they could be in closed windows. Please check the History menu:

  • If "Restore Previous Session" is available (not grayed out), try that -- this will replace any new windows and tabs you might have opened in the current session
  • Check the closed windows list to see whether any of them might be useful
  • Within each window, check the closed tabs list to see whether any of them might be useful

Any luck?

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Well restore session was grayed out (it actually did restore the session, just the wrong one...) But "restore closed windows" actually worked! Didn't even noticed it before you sent me to look around there (woops). Not sure I understand the difference to be honest.

Still don't get the thing with the sessionstore.js file, but I guess I'll let that go and install session manager for a slightly safer life...


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When you exit Firefox, usually it happens so fast that the session history file doesn't record any of the open windows as having been closed during your session. It might have been a glitch of timing in this case but whatever the cause, I'm glad you found it.