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constantly crashing

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bp-ab8898ba-2e13-40cf-a4fa-673962160311 11/03/2016 21:47 bp-1baaf4da-a7ed-48a5-a7ee-122782160311 11/03/2016 21:47 bp-fc9cdc1d-85b3-45a6-a6ec-8a00d2160311 11/03/2016 21:12 bp-9ae5934b-c81b-43b8-a268-fc6c92160311 11/03/2016 20:55 bp-3f136df0-dd2b-40c1-a9a5-5e4c72160311 11/03/2016 15:02 bp-2a78311b-a7b8-4eff-9167-dce782160311 11/03/2016 14:51 bp-a0dcbde9-c4df-4674-9a45-8af292160311 11/03/2016 14:49 bp-f12cb3cf-8295-4486-8615-138612160311 11/03/2016 14:49 bp-cabb59ee-5f7e-4257-b18e-45d6c2160311 11/03/2016 14:34 bp-2cbb3db3-09ef-4d74-a13c-548412160310 10/03/2016 18:15 bp-9d1c75c7-94d5-4669-9968-a1fab2160310 10/03/2016 13:51 bp-66a79c5f-55c6-422d-9e75-4036e2160310 10/03/2016 13:23

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Hi, this looks to be caused by Trusteer Rapport which is a known issue, so perhaps you could try updating or disabling it.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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hi Scribe

thanks for the reply, but how do I do that (update it)? It's required for me to use my ebanking and I presume it updates itself

so how do I force an update? otherwise - as already noted by others - I end up abandoning firefox...


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You can contact Trusteer for support.

Try to update or uninstall and reinstall Trusteer Rapport and if that doesn't help then disable/stop the program for now.

  • Start Menu > Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Stop Rapport