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How to remove "Share link" option from right click menu

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I'm so sick and tired of always accidentally clicking the "Share link" option at the top of the right click menu instead of the "Open link in new tab" option, that I'm pretty much ready to get rid of Mozilla on my device.

But one more try: is there a way to get rid of the useless and pointless "Share link" menu item? During these 3 years that I've used Mozilla on my Android device I have never, ever, ever needed that menu item even once. It is very frustrating that you have chosen to put such a pointless and useless menu item to the *top* of the right click menu even, where it bothers the users the most.

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Remove from Toolbar will move that button to the palette, and get rid of the contextual menu item. Move to Menu puts in the "menu" doorhanger and will leave the contextual menu item in place.

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Where is Remove from Toolbar? I've tried looking for it, since I saw the same response elsewhere, but so far I haven't found it. In fact, I haven't even found a toolbar yet, either. Where do I find Remove from Toolbar (and where do I find a toolbar, for that matter) in Mozilla for Android?

The only menus I've seen so far is when I press the menu button on my Android device, but none of the menu items seem to have anything to do with this, either.

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Mine displays with two icons instead of text, so I tend not to even notice them there...

I'm not aware of any built-in features to modify menus in Firefox for Android. Perhaps there is an add-on that can remove or hide a menu item, but I didn't see one in a quick search of the Add-ons site.