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DjVu plug in not found in about:plugins using Firefox 44.0.2 64 bit Win 10

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I need to be able to use the DjVu plug in to view files on a local government web site, but I can't see the plug in when I check what's installed in Firefox. The 64 bit installer of the add on ran, the 32 bit installer tells me I am using a 64 bit OS, so hopefully, the right files are loaded, but when I navigate to the web page and click the file, which should open it, there's only a blank screen, and as far as I can see, the plug in is not loading.

My suspicion is that I'm using 64 bit Firefox, and it's not seeing the 64 bit install files for the plug in, but I don't know enough about the W10 directory structure to be able to work out where FIrefox is looking for the plug in. The DJVu web site says that the plug in works with Firefox version 15 and upwards,

Due to the way the site I am accessing is set up and managed, I don't have the option to download the file to local storage in order to open it locally, and there's no other way to open the file that I can see.

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hi steve, that's to be expected - firefox win64bit versions come with limited plugin support, only flash and silverlight are whitelisted there. if you depend on other npapi plugins please continue to use regular 32bit builds.