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error message when replying to an email

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on my andrioid device only, when I try to reply to an email I get the following error message, "Unfortunately, Mail has stopped". I need to get this fixed ASAP as I am traveling and can not answer emails.

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THUNDERBIRD does not run on Android.

When I search that error message, it comes from your Android Mail app, possibly on an HTC device. Suggested solutions on the web include:

  • Power cycle your device (turn off completely, turn on again)
  • Clear data and cache in Settings > Apps > Mail -- IMPORTANT: THIS WILL CLEAR YOUR SETTINGS IN THE MAIL APP, AND MAY CLEAR EXISTING MAIL (with an IMAP or Exchange account, it will download again)

You can search around for other things to try if you don't like those: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Unfortunately%2C+Mail+has+stopped%22+android

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At the moment this post is in the Thunderbird section. I will leave this post open but move it to the Android section. The link for the thread will remain the same https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1111764

I am hoping the recent answer from jscher2000 #answer-848908 helps.