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Where is "preferences" on Firefox for Android devices running OS 4.4 and higher?

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I used to be able to display PDF documents by using the View PDF add-on that has now been discontinued and displays the directive to uninstall this add-on, go to preferences, and set Firefox to always display documents in the browser's built-in PDF Viewer. The problem is that there is no way (in my latest Firefox Android version) to do this. Please help! I desperately need to view PDFs in my medical sites, either in mobile or desktop mode.

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The menus on Android are highly simplified.

First, to remove the unhelpful add-on, see: Uninstall Firefox for Android add-ons

Then hopefully Firefox will return to default behavior because I don't think there is an equivalent "Applications" panel to associate PDFs back to the internal viewer.

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@jscher2000 the user replied in another question: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1110359

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From your other thread:

Above recommendations didn't work after uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android OS 4.4.2, most likely because I had no add-ons to remove except the automatically installed plugin OprnH264 Video Codec that can only be disabled or enabled.

I tried to open a PDF in Firefox and got the options of downloading it or viewing in Google Drive. Where did this Google Drive thing come from??

Anyway, when I look into when the PDF.js code might be added to Android, there are numerous outstanding bugs that need to be resolved first, especially relating to speed and memory performance. It's not looking hopeful for a release in the near future.

Can you use the Adobe Reader?