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Images not showing in junk mail

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I use Junk mail filtering, and move the junk-marked messages to the junk folder. That is very useful to get a lot of advertisements out of the inbox. However, it is useful to check these messages to see the content. But the images do not show up after they are marked as junk. In the help, I have seen that they mention an option in the Junk Mail Controls that is: "When displaying HTML messages marked as junk, sanitize the HTML" that you have to left unchecked to see the images. However, that option does not apperar in my thunderbird (version 38.5.1). Has that option been removed? Is there another way to do this?. Thank you

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If you want to enable remote images in a Junk email locatated in the 'Junk' folder, you will need to move it back to the Inbox. Then you will get a small message below the subject but above the actual message, it will offer an 'Options' button which gives various options on how to display those images.

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Thank you Toad-Hall. I have tried that. After moving the message to the Inbox, I have to mark the message as "not junk" to see the images. I would like to be able to go through my junk mail without marking it as "not junk", and be able to see the content.

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There is a serious risk when it comes to remote images. The point of filtering via Junk controls or your own message filtering to send specific emails to Junk, is to set them aside and not allow remote content by default. Otherwise they would remain in the Inbox to be manually selected to move to any folder you choose.

Be wary of any email that contains remote content, even if it has 'seemed' to be sent by a friend. There are nefarious people who abuse and use other people's email addresses hoping to get you to respond.

If the email was originally in the Inbox and you selected to view remote content and then later chose to mark as Junk and it was auto moved to Junk, the remote content would be removed. If you simply 'moved' (drag and drop) it to Junk then the remote content would still be visible.

But there is no method of changing to show remote content whilst that email is in Junk.