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Keyboard delay android note 4

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Chrome doesnt have a keyboard delay like I am having with Firefox. I type and ff takes a while for it to display what you entered.

Versions: Firefox 44.0.2 on Android 5.1.1. Device: Samsung Galaxy note 4.

I tried cleaning the cache and changing keyboards didnt work still having the delay issue. The only thing I didn't try was to clean cache then uninstall and reinstall Firefox.

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I am not sure what is causing this problem but i suggest you that you should try the FF beta version from the play store ( there was the same problem with me but now i am using it and it works fine with my s6 edge). does this problem occurs while using other browsers also? sometime the phone cache memory needs to be cleared and so does the other junk files. try removing those and then reboot your device.

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I do not have this issue with other browsers such as chrome. I am following your advice to try beta Firefox. I will reply later if the issue persists or doesnt.

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By any chance, did you have uBlock Origin enabled as an extension within Firefox? I noticed mine gave the exact same problems, and intermittently it would have very slow keyboard response; but once I disabled this "cpu efficient" ad blocker the problem went away

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what is a ublock origin?