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How to view Firefox Mobile reading list article in Firefox desktop version?

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I'm very like the firefox mobile readling list feature. It enables me read article offline. I want to read the articles offline in desktop version. Now both my mobile and desktop version join the same firefox synchronization account. But in firefox version, currently it can only save article in pocket. I know pocket has the same function as reading list in firefox mobile, but I think they are two different account, though I register them with the same email address. My question is how to synchronize my readling list in mobile to desktop version and access and read them in desktop firefox. My firefox has upgraded to latest version 44.0

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Hi Laputu,

I do not use Pocket because that does not store your data off line it stores the data online.

In recent and current Firefox Desktop the reader icon will appear next to the reload icon at the end of the address bar. The content must be suitable - The thread we are in is suitable. Just click to view in readermode.

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I also do not use Sync, it has caused too much trouble with corrupting bookmarks. As you are using sync you may wish to manually or otherwise back up your bookmarks. It may save you a lot of trouble when something goes wrong with sync.

As far as I am aware Sync will not Sync Reader pages, but if you bookmark them in Android and Sync then you will be able to find them in Desktop. You could for instance add a tag to Desktop bookmarks indicating whether they are reader view ones, that would make it easy to search for them

For instance use the tag rv and then search using the address bar and starting with + rv that will display all the tagged stuff & will be narrowed down by any other search term or letter.