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i want to look at my history for the last two weeks how do i do so

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Browsing history

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Rhonda.100 said

Browsing history

Greetings Rhonda.100! To know the history of visits to your browser, read the instructions here. A possible solution to the problem:

  1. Open the application on your device and Swipe the screen to the left to the History tab. If you did not clear the history, you will see a list of visited web pages you.
  2. You can use the SYNC-function of your browser on your mobile device and web browser on a PC (need account Firefox for Sync), export the story and then view it on the PC. Details can be found here

If you are on the home page is not displayed tab "History", then call the popup menu Firefox, then click the "Settings", then press the "Setup (Homepage, search, tabs, etc.). Select "Setting up a home page" and there you will see a list of panels. Set the "default" to the panel "History" and close the settings menu. Now, on the home page tab appears "History".

I hope these tips will help you 8)

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