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Import favorites from a file / fix or variable lenght / DIF / or other database forms

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... please excuse my english - it is rusted in since 12 years ...

To avoid to enter the identical names four times

-as an diretory in fix drives (solved...three cheers for DOS batch files...works) -as an folder in outlook -as an favorite in firefox -as an discription of an physical folder (solved...works)

i have created my own database to enter this "names" only one time and make this organisation avialable for all four sub organisations. Now i need a way to transfer this names [for example (shown as fix disc organisation) \07_KFZ\14_cabrio\01_TÜVKBA] to firefox favorites. It should just as structured with mainfolder "07_KFZ", sub folder "14_cabrio", subsub folder "01_TÜVKBA" etc

My problem is, that I do not know any thing about firefox structure - my brain works as an relational data base... and ..yes yes - I use an old MSDOS-database called dataease .. but it works very well and faster as any other....and none mouse fumbling..

In case that anybody know an solution - it would be great

w.k.r Walter

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Would this be a one-time process?

Firefox works with a rather ancient import format, an HTML file structure from the days of Netscape before it was acquired by AOL. If you export your existing Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file, you can see the basics of it. (Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks)

I think generating such a file from your data would be more realistic than trying to figure out how to add bookmarks to the places.sqlite database directly.

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No, it is (shoukd be) an process which updates all directories / folders etc. permanently

So, the basis of all this is one relationale data base, with no information about format or others funny things.

As you recommended I exported the existing favorites to look at the structure. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to look behind this structure -

You wrote that I should create such a HTML file using my data -

Can you show me the way to do this even using my data-ASCII-File?

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If you open the bookmark.html file in a Firefox tab and use the View Source function (Ctrl+u) you can get an idea of the layout and where you would substitute in your specific data -- page URLs and page titles, and the folder names, are the important bits, while details like date added are not important.

How is your data structured now? You have a "path" plus a URL and title? I'm not sure how to accurately parse the path; my first language (so to speak) is the Visual Basic used in Microsoft Office 97-2010, so I probably would try to use Word to generate the document. But there may well be better tools on the IE side to generate Favorites, and then you could have Firefox import from the Favorites folder.