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Is there any way to pass runtime parameters when opening Windows application

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We have associated a file type to a custom Windows application. When a web link pointing to this file type is clicked, the Windows application is opened. However, we need to be able to pass runtime parameters to this application from the webpage. Is there a way to configure Firefox to pass runtime parameters to the application?

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Is there any specific page in or section in the documentation I can look at for my particular problem?

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MansoorQ said

Is there any specific page in or section in the documentation I can look at for my particular problem?


Have you already tried using developer mode=>Scratchpad or console? Also, have you tried using the console window to pass parameters during run time as well?

Respectfully, cpeters008

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As far as Firefox is concerned, a download is a download, and doesn't have parameters.

Is the program you want to run your own software?

If so, you have complete control over what content types are associated with it and how it handles the contents of those files.

If not, I think you would need to use an add-on for this. For example, perhaps you could use Flash to launch the external program with the desired parameters through an SWF. Or of course you could distribute your own add-on.

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For example, we have a custom Windows application that is being called from a hypertext in a web page. It requires 3-4 parameters. It works fine in IE because it is triggered from ActiveX, but since ActiveX does not work in Firefox, we do not know how to do this in Firefox. Is there a way to do this without using ActiveX or IE Tabs Plugin?

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You can look at extensions like these: