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Firefox app is making my iPad crash and restart every time I open it, on iPad 3 ios9

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every time I open Firefox on my iOS 9 iPad it crashes and makes my iPad reboot , I can delet it then reinstall it and it will work for a few days and then out of no where start crashing again and it takes my iPad with it I love Firefox but hate that it is doing this , please fix this problem

when it crashes it gos from Firefox splash to apple boot screen

Изменено rickybennett

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Hi Ricky,

This sounds like Bug 1220847, which we're actively investigating. Other apps seem to hit this too, but we don't know exactly why.

Do you know any sites in particular that you visit before this problem starts happening? Do you have many tabs open?

We suspect this is due to large images that the OS is caching — that you're seeing the Apple splash screen is because `backboardd`, a system app, crashes, rather than Firefox itself.

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After the restart, if I double push the iPad home button l see Firefox as one of the pages. It is on yuneek.com store locator. If I tap the visible page, I goes through the reboot.

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no certain site , what i had it on last right before it done it was google search results and there is no images showing, except the google logo i just taped the page and it rebooted it again

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Ipad Air here and it does the same thing from when I launch it. Doesn't give me an opportunity to do anything. Any update because I'm about to uninstall it and be done with the aggregation.

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The next release should fix this bug.

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I have the same problem on my iPad Air 2. I was on wordplays.com; couldn't even finish entering a word and it crashed.

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When is the next release?