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How do I turn off security.....I don't see the three dots at top right....

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Firefox for Android won't display the 3-dot menu if your device has a "hardware" menu button (usually a touch button instead of a physical button, actually). Can you find the menu button? If not, what device is it?

Also, what do you mean by turn off security??

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Samsung galaxy note 2 sch-i605. ....I want to go to kat.cr and look for movies....but it keeps showing red screen. ....phishing or something. ...I just want to go to the site...u know?....ty

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Ok so I click menu....now what?

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I don't think there is a menu setting for this on Android.

On the phishing/malware warning, isn't there a link in the lower right corner to ignore the warning and continue to the site?

Edit: I looked at the "Unwanted Software" warning for kat.cr and the "Ignore this warning" link is at the bottom of the screen. If you want to ignore it.

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But I don't want to click that every time tho....too many clicks....lol......it didn't used to do this tho

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It didn't used to do it for that site? Maybe the malware distribution was a recent event. When Google's SafeBrowsing database gives the site the all clear, then Firefox will automatically stop blocking it (within a few hours).

You probably could use about:config to disable this feature of Firefox completely, i.e., it's not a site-specific exception. I haven't tested that.

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Ty so much for trying to help me....maybe I'll figure it out....I will never go back to Google tho....love firefox

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I think these are the settings:

(1) Open a new tab to about:config (type about:config in the Awesomebar and tap the go arrow or tap Enter).

(2) In the search box, type safeb and pause while Firefox filters the list

(3) Phishing: Scroll down to browser.safebrowsing.enabled and tap the preference. Tap toggle to switch protection from true to false -- if you don't want this protection.

(3) Unwanted software: Scroll down to browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled and tap the preference. Tap toggle to switch protection from true to false -- if you don't want this protection.

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About:config worked.....ty.....til I can figure out different I'll use it like this for this site....thanks again