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Firefox not loading changes I made to pages even though I cleared the cache & hit F5

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Hi guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm not a web developer but I am adding content to a website that has been created for me. I like to use Firefox but it's not picking up on changes that I've made to the web pages. I've tried pressing F5 multiple times, cleared the cache repeatedly. Changed some settings in about.config - following advice I found already posted on another forum. None of it works. Chrome, Opera and Explorer are all showing the changes when I do a hard refresh. Way down a thread on another forum, that I can no longer find, I saw someone had discovered some kind of error in the code on the webpage in question. Can someone please tell me how I can check that? Or is there something else I'm missing. It's happening on all pages of my website, so maybe it's something global on the site? the URL is www.oceanicdivecenter.com

Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me!