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open apps with firefox???

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can I open Adobe Reader on my galaxy note 5 Android using the Firefox browser? I normally use my chrome browser. When I get to Google Play it says installed but there is no place to open the Adobe app. I have to use Firefox for this project but I can't see how to open Reader or any other app for that matter, like Drive or One Note, Dropbox, etc.

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In Android, Firefox for Android is an app, as is Adobe Reader or Dropbox. I am not aware of any way to open one app in another application.

When an app is installed (such as Adobe Reader) it may install to the Android home screen, but it will also install to the App drawer. You should be able to find a link to this on the home screen - typically it is icon with a grid of little squares. You can "long press" on the icon there and drag it to a position on the home screen.

I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look into a different solution for you.

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In another thread, nsshawaii said:

Thank you for replying, it cleared up one of the issues. However as it turns out there is within Firefox something called Marketplace, which is similar to Google Play except Firefox supports its own app market. So I had to go to Marketplace to access Adobe Reader. Which I did, receiving a list of my Adobe saved files, which would not open any single file although I did see the list of my files. Perhaps the Firefox Marketplace is not overly used, and that was not working properly or not updated. Anyway, it seems that that would solve the problem if I could open Adobe Reader with Firefox Marketplace, but then it wouldn't open any files. Maybe you have some info? Thank you again
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Hi seburo, I posted on another thread as I didn't see any reply box at first, hope you can find it. Thanks for your reply

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In desktop site, seeing my post above Seburo