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How do I sync Chrome bookmarks to Firefox. There is no share in the menu when I go to bookmarks in Chrome

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When I go to bookmarks in Chrome, there is no share option in the drop down menu, and I need to sync the bookmarks there to Firefox.

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Xmarks will do that. I believe the mobile version isn't free. https://www.xmarks.com/

Note, you can not run both, Xmarks and Firefox Sync.

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Are you saying that there is no way I can do it internally, with what I've already got? I wanted to set everything to Firefox, so that when I get my new tablet, I could just sync all of it from Firefox. Is there no way to do that? Thanks for answering, and let me know if I can do it that way? If not, then how do I sync everything from Firefox to Chrome. Firefox has to be half of whatever I do. That's where so much of my good history and bookmarks are.

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Are you saying that there is no way I can do it internally, with what I've already got?

Xmarks is something that works. There may be other ways, but you didn't provide an awful lot of context for your question. And I have no idea what you've already got.

From your last post I'm still not sure what you have to today and what you want to sync from what device and browser to what device and browser.

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I have a tablet. The screen got cracked badly, but since I had the accident insurance, they are going to send me a check. I thought I would take the money out of checking and have by daughter pick out a better one for me. She thinks this one is crap. Since this is new, it came preloaded with Chrome and a Google stock browser. I added Firefox. I thought that if I could get all my bookmarks, history, etc. in one browser, I could just sync from this one to the new one simply. Since I thought the new one she bought would also come preloaded with Chrome, that was the one to sync everything to. But I can't find directions to do that.

 It wouldn't  matter  so very  much,  but I have some very important  ones on Firefox  and Chrome  both.   Is that enough info?  I apologize for not being more clear the  first times  around.   Thank you for taking time to answer  and ask questions.  Take care,  E
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It wouldn't matter so much, but I have some very important things on there. Is that enough info? I apologize for not being clearer the first times, but I do thank you for answering and taking the time to ask questions. Take care, E

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Not sure if I got that right, but that's what I understood:

You're using Firefox on your damaged tablet. You want to carry over your bookmarks to Firefox on the new tablet.

Then this is what I'd do: Create a Sync account for Firefox. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/sync-bookmarks-tabs-history-and-passwords-android

Install Firefox on the new tablet. Set up sync for Firefox on the new tablet. Sync your bookmarks.

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Thank you. I have already got sync set up on Firefox, but something I probably should have mentioned is that I've been having a great deal of trouble with it. Another wonderful person on the boards has been helping me with it, but I don't know if I will have the same problems with it on the new tablet. The reason I quit using Chrome a such as possible is that I kept getting the 'Aw, snap' message where you have to reload the page. I could barely read a paragraph without having to reload 2-3 times. I, of course, have no idea whether it will be the same on the new tablet or not. I need to sync it's bookmarks too, and have sync set up on it as well. So it sounds like you're suggesting that I just sync everything onto the new tablet to the same places I have it now , is that correct? Let me know if I've got it straight, OK? Also, do you have any suggestions for a new tablet that won't cost me more than $132, which is what I'm getting back from insurance? Presently I have a Visual land Prestige ME-9Q version 4.4.2 16GB. It sounded like a good deal at $119, plus the cost of insurance, tax and shipping. But apparently it doesn't have much of a battery, because I'm using 99%of it just in Android systems, tablet idle, screen, with 2-4% for Firefox and a couple of other things, which I've been told is an abnormally high battery use. Thank you again for your help, take care, and a wonderful day to you! E