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An error in Firefox code

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I am a web developer, and i am using Iceweasel 31.7.0 (which is based of Firefox) under Linux Debian wheezy.

A problem appears when i am writing a javascript code. My goal is to determine a size of screen (i am using typical pc, not any mobile device). So i am writing:

var body = window.document.body.style

// block to determine width body.height = '1px' for ( var i = 0; ; i++ ) {

  body.width = i + 'px'

window.document.documentElement.scrollLeft = 1

  if ( window.document.documentElement.scrollLeft != 0 )

break } i--

// block to determine height body.width = '1px' for ( var k = 0; ; k++ ) {

  body.height = k + 'px'

window.document.documentElement.scrollTop = 1

  if ( window.document.documentElement.scrollTop != 0 )

break } k--

body.width = ( i ) + 'px' body.height = ( k ) + 'px'

So after this code both scroll line appears! When it should not be because i an k variables are choosen maximum without scroll. And, moreover, an error disappears (both scroll lines disappears) when two blocks switched by place each other (first determine height, then width).

I'll appreciate at least confirmation that it is an error, even if you cannot provide a patch for Iceweasel. Thank you.

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Iceweasel is a rebranded version of Firefox and is maintained by the Debian community afaik. However I did take a look at the script and played a bit in jsfiddle. It looks like the scrollbars will appear anyway .

You might be able to get some better feedback in the stackoverflow.com forums as well: