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Why do I not see the Sync Tab on my Android device?

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I have version Firefox 38.0.5 on my computer and the current version of Firefox on my phone. So far, I have used Firefox Sync to get my tabs opened on my computer through the History option, no problem there.. however, I am having trouble getting the Sync Tab option to come up on my Android device. The phone currently has the General and Private tab options only. I would like to know if this is an easy fix or a compatibility issue with my phone.

I have 1) updated firefox 2) synced, de-synced on both devices 3) restarted both devices numerous times

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Hi StrangeLoop, I am happy to help, synced tabs show up when there is another device that currently has open tabs and is currently syncing.

Two things that need to be enabled on the mobile device:

  1. Go into Android Accounts and make sure that Auto-Sync is enabled in Data Usage
  2. Make sure that Tabs are enabled in the sync settings

Also check to make sure that on your new tab page that you have synced tabs checked to show up. This will be in the customize settings,.