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I have already synced my information from my phone and my desktop PC. However, if I add a new bookmark on my PC, how come it is not showing up on my phone?

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Hi, Have you checked the folder "Desktop Bookmarks", it might be in there or in Unsorted bookmarks.

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It actually did sync up after a little bit. It just took some time. Also, I keep getting a message at the bottom of my screen that says something about the syncing has stopped or w/e, and asks me to go to my settings. When I do, everything is checked, but there isn't anything to do to get it to sync...so not sure what that's all about. Do you? Thanks for the reply!

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I get this sometimes too. It will say something like "Firefox sync has not synced in a few days check the settings..." In order to add it back you can just log back in.

Do you have cookies enabled for accounts.firefox.com? And did this happen right after updating? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-sync-troubleshooting-and-tip...

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I'm not sure when it actually happened, but I do think the cookies are enabled.

I will look into this a little bit later. Thank you so much for your help!