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How to get one email to stop coming in and other emails to come in?

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There's one email that keeps reoccurring even after it's been deleted. No new emails have come in since that one has come in on April 29th. If anyone could help me with that it would be great! Thanks!

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Hey, It looks like the meta-data from the device has been identified as an Iphone. If the device that is having the issue is an Android device, try the following in Firefox for Android:

  1. Start a new login session or refresh the page
  2. If that does not work, you may have to clear the cache: How to clear the Firefox cache

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So the problem isn't on my phone which is what I'm typing this question on, but the problem is on my mom's computer. We have a Dell computer with the Mozilla thunderbird email on it.

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Got it, thank you for the clarification. Please first try these troubleshooting steps http://mzl.la/1ApHiDw

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Go to the providers web mail page and delete the problem email there.