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how to auto filter e-mail

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I seem to have lost ability to filter a sender by right clicking on his address as in previous versions. A very attractive alternative would be to be able drag his email to the folder that i want him to be sent to.

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Sorry, but to make sure the right people look at your question, is this problem in:

  • Thunderbird email software (if so, please mention whether Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Your webmail site you are using in Firefox (if so, please mention the site and whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux)
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O/S is WIN7.

My Mail Reader is latest revision of Thunderbird which 'improved itself' by removing an easy way to filter mail senders.


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No filter was removed from the latest version, what ever that might be for you. The latest release to the general public is 31.6.

How were you "filtering" before?

Did you actually create a filer for that address? This explains how those work. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Filters_%28Thunderbird%29

You mention drag and drop. You can always click on the header labeled FROM to get the senders all grouped together, then select all from that sender. Click the first one in the list to select it , then move to the last one and hold the shift key while clicking the last one. Now they should all be selected. You can drag and drop or right click and select Move To and pick the folder you are looking for. The second method is safer when working with multiple messages. It eliminates to possibility of dropping in the wrong place.