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keyboard accessibility suggestion

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New accessibility feature suggestion

I have RSI and have to alternate between different mice, keyboard, trackpad, etc. I'm new to keyboard shortcuts. There appears to be a gap in the keyboard feature set.

Tab jumps between links. ' searches a link. But there's nothing to jump between text input fields. Tabbing to them is unworkably slow. You can't search for them. It doesn't work.

We need a keyboard shortcut to 'tab' between text input fields only. One key would be ideal, but there isn't an obvious candidate. Ctrl-Tab is taken. Alt-Tab is a system call. Three key combinations defeat the purpose of taking the strain off your hands. I would suggest Ctrl-' , since 'suggests text, and Ctrl-' does nothing today as far as I can see.

Make sense? Thanks

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Hello ntevanza, If you focus (click) on any text field, then you will be allowed to jump between other text fields in that page. However in any case you want to customize your keyboard shortcuts you can use Keyconfig extension and also check Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly kb for much knowledge about keyboard shortcuts.

And even if you think that what you proposed should be a feature of Firefox, then make a feature request in Bugzilla as it is the right place for asking feature request or submitting bug.

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