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YouTube mobile no longer works

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Android 4.4.2 Firefox 36.0.1

YouTube mobile now sends me back to 'what to watch' whenever I click play. The non mobile site works for the most part except that some vids demand flash. In chrome it works fine. And it was all working fine a while ago.

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YouTube videos still work when I find them on other websites.

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Hi Lordproblemhaver:

It's NOT clear to me from your description what your problem is. I can play youtube videos just fine on all of my android devices (e.g. Samsung S5 on Lollipop)

  1. You told us your version of Firefox and what version of Android, great! But we also need to know what phone or tablet are you using?
  2. Please tell us what you did, what happened and what you expected (a screenshot would be lovely!) Do you have the Flash player installed on your phone or tablet?