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Can Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 fix display problem on my Mac ?

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Hi, I'm a photographer not a web designer so excuse my lack of knowledge ... but i have a problem with Firefox displaying my website ... www.rodedwards.com.

I've just installed Wordpress on my server and installed a custom theme for my photography portfolio.

The website displays amazingly well with Chrome and Safari, but it has display errors with Firefox on Mac. The scrolling thumbnails in the galleries seem to download from top to bottom after viewing about twenty images (and reload again when scrolling back). This is the Youtube link to the problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVEG7oqwPqg .

I've tried Hard Refresh but didn't work so i tried Firefox / Help / Restart With Add-Ons Disabled / Start In safe Mode and it then displays great. I'm guessing that this suggests there is a bug in Firefox or the add-ons since i updated to the most recent version of Firefox (now 35.0.1).

Can this be fixed now it's been noted ?

You advice would be much appreciated ... Thanks :)

Ps - It's not an image size problem as I've installed a similar copy at www.rodedwardsphoto.co.uk with smaller images and i still get same problem.

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