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I just updated Firefox Went to plugin check Only get circle going round & round for 30min+ Help!

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Been trying to update/install Flash for months w/ no luck after reinstalling and then even reinstalling an older version that works for my friend. My old version worked fine until I updated Firefox. Bee trying everything on support sites and calling Adobe. Finally resigned myself to install and use Google Chrome ..Yuck Wanted to try Flash again after updating Firefox. As noted above this is what is happening. I have XP pac3 and 109 GB of free space so it should work. Any ideas?

PS  I don't seem to have Shockwave Flash 14.0  I think it is 11.7 .  My computer was saying I had 14.0 but it never ran/worked  I don't have McAfee and don't think I have Netscape

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hello flashfighter, please try the following: go to the firefox menu ≡ > addons > plugins, set the "java deployment toolkit" to never activate and then try to use the plugincheck page again...

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Use Adobe's site to check and update FlashPlayer.

With all the recent updates and security patches to Flash Player recently the Firefox plugin check is getting a lot of traffic.

If necessary use XPs control panel to find and uninstall FlashPlayer. Before repeating the attempt to download and install Flash Player. Take care on Adobe's site they try to foist other software on to you.

You may afterwards also like to check Internet Explorer. Visit the Adobe site with IE. Note Firefox and IE do not use the same plugin so they both need updating. (Probably worth bearing in mind IE may not be secure on XP I believe MS withdrew support.)

edit: I also tagged with existing tag bug1130896

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