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I want to be able to select which printer I would like to print from

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When I want to print a document/packing slip, I use to get the option of selecting which printer and how many pages or what pages to print. After I updated FireFox, I don't have that option. please help :(

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Some websites may choose the printer by default. Are you getting a system dialog that pops up giving you options? The website may have changed the option to do this as well.

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Try using { Ctrl + P } or File > Print to initiate printing. The dialog that appears allows you to select a different printer, which isn't possible from Print Preview that you get first when using the Print toolbar button.

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By pressing control P, it automatically prints. I am trying to process some packing slips through a website we use for orders (SHIPSTATION) and before I updated Mozilla, it worked fine. I would select the order and be able to print any pages and what printer too. Now when I select print, it just automatically prints to my label maker. I have to download it into a pdf in order to print it the way I want it to(or how it use to).