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Unable to check Plugins since updating to 35.0

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When I go to "Tools" then click on "Add-Ons" then click "Plug-Ins" and then click on "Check To see If Plug-Ins Are Up To Date" it goes to Mozilla Check Your Plug in Page all it does is sit and spin at the "Checking with Mozilla on the status of your plugins." I am using Win7 Pro and just downloaded Firefox update to 35.0.

When I go to "Tools" then click on "Add-Ons" then click "Plug-Ins" and then click on "Check To see If Plug-Ins Are Up To Date" it goes to Mozilla Check Your Plug in Page all it does is sit and spin at the "Checking with Mozilla on the status of your plugins." I am using Win7 Pro and just downloaded Firefox update to 35.0.
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philipp said

hi joe, as flash is currently getting blocklisted and presumably many hundred thousands of users trying to update their plugin this way there were/are load issues on the mozilla plugincheck-page. the web developers at mozilla are aware of this and working to fix it! people who see this thread and need to update flash can also do so manually by going to http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html & installing version

Thank you for your update in this matter. I disabled my Java programs and checked the update page and it now completely loads so I can see which Add Ons need updating so I have completely removed Java from my computer. Thanks to the web developers at mozilla for fixing this and again for your update.

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Have you tried this link?


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Thanks but my plug in check started working again a week or so ago. i gather there are still some others who continue to have problems though.

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Tried, re-installing over original, clearing cookies, clearing cache and starting in Safe Mode to no avail. Mozilla has gone of track once again. Situations like this are among the causes for Firefox rapidly losing Browser share. Another ridiculous oversight and there's never any support for when things do go awry. Unfortunately, you can knock and knock on the Door, knowing their Home, but no one ever answers. With a competent cause and cure. No professional concern, none. One can either except their dis-concern and bugs or switch Browsers. Oh well! Thanks for naught Mozilla.

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I posted this elsewhere but did not really get any answer at all. So, I'll post here too. I am still having this problem. I know my Adobe Flash player is up to date. I have the most recent version of Firefox. 35.0.1. I am using Windows XP 32bit, Dell Inspiron 530 machine. Do I just wait this out or what? I already also did a refresh for Firefox yesterday too and no change. This has never happened to me before. Thank you. I don't understand the "Needs More information" box below, if I'm supposed to click on it or not. This is to hard to get a good answer depending only on a forum. Doesn't Mozilla Firefox have an email address I can use for problems like this instead of only using a forum to try to get your help answers?

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@ LindaEllis, I also posted my query, dilemma here, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1045661 and to date, had no competent reply or help/solution. Mozilla has no Support and has always, in my experience shown an absolute dis-concern. Very frustrating, for their negligent attitude, of providing any real Support for their products. Now, I am trying to find an alternative Browser and Email Client. If not for the third party developers providing their many excellent Extensions, I would of switched Browsers and Email Clients long ago. For they are what makes Mozilla products a viable option. Unfortunately, I can no longer tolerate Mozzillas obstinate attitude. Good luck, Linda!

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Hi Whitebuck,

I finally did receive a "no reply" type email from Mozilla this morning that I will share with you & others:

"hi linda, this is a known bug on the website which is going to be resolved later today. the mozilla webops is working on it!" This was sent by Philipp.

There should be an email address or a much better support system in place so we don't have to go hunting through the topics; that most of the time do not fit our problems. I have some trouble also navigating this forum as the "Solved" word comes up when it is not solved and I don't know how to deal with that either. All I know is that I didn't do anything different, and I refreshed Firefox, so I guess from the reply I got that is shown above, this issue shouldbe resolved today. On Mozilla's Facebook page, there is no where good really to post that you are having issues; but Firefox SHOULD be posting that they acknowledge this issue exists and that they are working on it. I did not see any remarks addressing this issue on their official Facebook Page. How helpful that would have been to read that, and save many of us time and worry in trying to find our answers. Thank you for sharing your concerns and this same problem, Whitebuck, as it always helps to know that you are not alone dealing with these problems.

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And a most hearty and deserved thank you, too you Linda, for the pertinent Information and your shared, empathetic sentiment.

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Hi Whitebuck,

You are quite welcome, and it was my pleasure to share the statement I received from Firefox.

I just checked, and I am pleased to say that the plug ins are now appearing! I hope they are there for you as well.

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Glad to see the bug/problem has been corrected, for you Linda, but no such luck here. My hunt for alternative applications continues, along with my confound, with Mozilla. Ciao!

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I am indeed sorry to learn, Whitebuck, that this issue remains unsovled. Please check at different times, if you still desire to, in order to see if the problem has been resolved for you. I do not know of course, if this is one of these roll-out type fixes where not everyone is put back in order at the same time. I would think that if they are able to get the issue resolved for some, then they should be able to do so for everyone else; so I will be keeping good thoughts for you.

I am not able myself to use Internet Explorer any longer since I have a Windows XP computer that otherwise is working quite well for me.

Firefox, with some of its crashes, etc., still has been a more workable choice for me than Internet Explorer. I had tried to install Google Chrome but remember I had enough problems with it that I just uninstalled it.

We depend on these browsers to work effectively and to be able to communicate to the 'powers that be' when they don't; and not to have to spend hours of our time trying to locate the best place to submit our problems, so we can only hope that the process to do that improves as time goes on.

Please advise here if the issue is resolved for you as well if you choose to remain with Firefox; it would be good to know!

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LindaEllis said

I am not able myself to use Internet Explorer any longer

If you need to, there are a number of third party browsers available. Including Real.com.


My hunt for alternative applications continues, along with my confound, with Mozilla. Ciao!

Please go to the top of any support.mozilla.org web page and use the Ask A Question link; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new This will let us look at your system details. No Personal Information Is Collected.

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@ FredMcD, Thanks, "been there, done that" many times and yes on this occasion too. To no avail. Refer to link - https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1045661

Not my first time around the block with Mozilla, unfortunately. I have been a registered user on their pseudo "Support Forum" and all of Mozilla's other Web Sites, which by the way are also a mess.

They force you to register on each Site separately with a new Account/Registration, User Name and Password for each different Site. Absolute idiocy!

Being of sound mind and versed in the exercise logical reasoning. I used the same Username, Password and Email address to greatly simplify accessing Mozilla's Sites. Since they all were their Sites and or, for common usage and reference.

Maybe one day, I'll get some real support and be assured, I will not be holding my breath. Until then, I continue my journey in the 21st Century "lesser of the bad Paradigm." Again, Thank you FredMcD, for your attempt, to help. Ciao!

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i'm going to close this thread, since it covered multiple problems with the plugin check page already, which were not related to each other - it will become confusing when people come here to seek help for issues with different causes. the original issue by the topic owner has already been solved...

if you still need help, then please ask a new question or continue the discussion in your existing threads.

thank you!

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