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email address just started included quotes

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An email address that I'd saved and recently had to update now includes quotes (i.e., "name"@gmail.com instead of name@gmail.com) when it fills in with auto recognize. It doesn't have the quotes in the address book, or when I open a new email from the address book. Why does it add quotes in auto-complete? How can I fix it?

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Sometimes the quotes mean you have an unneeded space or character in the address. You might double check for a space at the beginning or end of the address.

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Nope, there's no extra spaces. Just got an email from her, so I checked the star by her email address to re-include her on my list of addresses, and I'm still getting quotes inserted when I use autocomplete for the "To" box. I'm dumbfounded!

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The address book has been doing strange things lately. Yesterday there was someone complaining that the quote marks were missing. They said that the addresses still worked but they were freaked out since they were used to seeing them. Go figure.

If you place the address in a To field does it work?

What if you use the Contact Sidebar in the Write window? Does the address enter normally? Pressing F9 toggles the contact sidebar on and off when you have a Write window open and active.