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I get this message about not using the lastes firefox, how do i know this is not an hidden spyware link?

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It comes on the top of the page I do not want to use it couse It can be anything I would like to use only the ubuntu store updates and there are nono

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I added a screenshot

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That button links to this SUMO knowledge base page;

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And you are indeed not using the latest as the Firefox 23.0 you posted with came out back on August 6, 2013 as the current is Firefox 33.1.1 and Firefox 34.0 will likely be on Tuesday December 2nd.

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You are right to be cautious. Too many computers ended up infected by someone following a so-called update link.

If you ever have an update message, and you are not sure, go to the web site of the true owner of the program.