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YouTube videos always immediately crash

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Windows 7x64. I'm running Firefox 33.1.1 and Flash Player YouTube videos were working just fine until I updated my Flash today. Now, other websites using Flash load fine, but any YouTube video immediately crashes Flash. I have tried the following:

1. Disabling hardware acceleration 2. Starting in safe mode 3. Disabling protected mode 4. Downgrading Flash to version 14 and also 13

None of these have fixed this problem. Please help me fix this, I'm going crazy. Thank you.

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Just to doublecheck did you disable hardware acceleration in Firefox or in Flash? Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL

I also understand it is still crashing in Safe Mode, can you please copy the last 5 crash reports from about:crashes that have bp- in front of them. This will help further investigate the crash signature associated with the crashes you are seeing.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your response. I disabled hardware acceleration in Flash, not Firefox. However, I tried to load a video again today and, though I've done nothing since then, now it's working, so I have no idea what changed but I'm glad.

I did go ahead and check for crash reports but none are listed which I suspect may be related to me running Firefox within Sandboxie (I perform all updates outside of the sandbox, of course), so it's possible that the last time I restarted Firefox it cleared the sandbox and whatever it was that was causing the problem was taken care of, although I had restarted Firefox and deleted the sandbox contents several times before posting this topic.

I don't know, but thank you regardless, I'm just glad it's working again.