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How many times do I have to download and install Firefox 34.0 Beta 7? Software update asks me to do this (and I do) at least once a day. Yes, I have restarted.

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Using MacBook Pro, 15", early 2008, 2.4G Intel core 2 duo, 4G ram. Software update asks to update Firefox 34.0 beta7 every day. If I update, it just asks me to do it again. It has done this through the last several Beta updates. It's a bit disconcerting, since the updates are supposedly for security and stability. Let me put the question in another way: how many times do I have to ignore the update request before it quits asking? This is all causing me to regret making Firefox my default browser, especially since Safari has been improved so much.

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Beta programs are updated sometimes several times a week.

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Even so there is only a average of nine Beta test builds for each version in six weeks, so not that often.

Sound like you the update is not installing perhaps due to read/write permission issues.

Try downloading the 34.0b7 dmg from https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/beta/all/

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