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In the new tab pinned page. Google search bar working part time.

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Since the new tab page changed to the "pinned" style. (With 12 pages shown instead of 9). The Google search bar on that page now works off and on. Firefox 32 or 33? Before this, it worked every time.

Right now I have 1 instance of Firefox running with 2 "New Tab" pages open and on one the Google search bar is working and on the other it doesn't respond at all, even the Google autocomplete doesn't show up when I type in the box.

I tried moving ahead to FF 34 beta, but it hasn't helped.

The New tab " page customize" is set to classic.

The only odd thing I have done to Firefox is kill the plugin container by renaming it. I only have 2GB on this computer and I'd like to keep some of it for other programs to run. (Also, up till last month I had been running with old 0.256M DSL and the time to load the unnecessary plugin container was infuriating.) I wish I could kill it permanently instead of having to rename it for every FF update. Win XP SP3 Avast AV (latest ver) Panda AV (latest ver) Privatefirewall 7.0

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Specifically, which extensions do you have installed? Sounds like your Firefox installation has some "extras", like the "page customize" feature for New Tab.

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Sorry, It's just the settings for that page, the gear shape in the upper right hand corner. The info box when hovering says "Customize your New Tab page" The settings are Enhanced, Classic or Blank.

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That's a new feature (Enhanced, Classic or Blank) for Firefox 34. Previously that 'gear' just hid the tiles and search bar.

Beyond that, I don't have a problem with searching from multiple new tab pages that are open at the same time. Works as expected for me. I suspect that something you modified or installed has that feature corrupted.

Try Firefox Safe Mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that turns off some settings, disables most add-ons (extensions and themes).

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Please pay attention to what I asked and don't suggest that I modified or installed a feature that corrupted the program. If all you're going to do is blame me then just go away! I've added Adblock Plus and Downloadhelper. I doubt very much that they have anything to do with this problem.

The Google search bar ON the New Tab page is the problem. Not the one in the toolbar. I have no problem with the multiple new tab pages.

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Did you even try the Firefox SafeMode? A basic troubleshooting exercise that takes less than a minute to engage.