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Can't log onto HTTPS sight with Firefox, but can with Internet Explorer

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When I try to log into HTTPS://WEBMAIL.FRONTIER.COM, I get the following message; 'Can't confirm connection is secure'. Tech Details - Login.Yahoo.Com uses an invalid security certificate. When I logon using Explorer, I have no problems.

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I'm not sure why Yahoo is involved... Does Firefox show this address


or are you getting redirected to a different page?

Your Kaspersky security suite has a feature that scans secure connections. If you are using that feature and Firefox is not set up to trust Kaspersky, then you will have certificate errors on numerous secure sites. Not sure if you have noticed anything like that.

Does the error page have a third section labeled "I understand the risks"? If so, you can check whether the certificate is linked to Kaspersky by clicking the Add Exception button, the View (if View is grayed, try Get Certificate first). If you can view the certificate, check the "Issued by" section to see whether it shows anything unusual. The normal issuer for https://login.yahoo.com/ is "VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G3". You don't actually have to add an exception to do this research, you can cancel out of the dialog.

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Yes, Firefox shows the following address; https:login.frontier.com.webmail/. There is no section labeled " I understand the risks".

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If you right-click the error page, does the menu show a "This Frame" item? If so, expand that and Open Frame in a New Tab. Does that page show a Yahoo address? Still trying to figure out how Yahoo is involved...

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I guess the official title is frontier/Yahoo mail. I can also get to it by going to YAHOO.COM and clicking on the e-mail icon. I can do that on Explorer but when I do it on Firefox I get the same security message.

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I just went through all my favorites and I had trouble with one other HTTPS sight, but I was given the I know the risks option and I set it up. Other HTTPS sights worked fine.

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Okay, so on the site where you just made an exception, can you take a look at the certificate and see what is listed under "Issued by"? This can help identify whether it's a Kaspersky setup issue, or something else.

When you're on that site, click the padlock (or gray ! triangle) in the address bar and More Information, then View Certificate.

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I can't find an "Issued By'" field. When I go to the Frontier website and I click on the padlock I get the following message; "You are connected to Frontier.com. Verified by: GEO trust Inc. The connection to this website is secure." Then when I click on "Log-On" I get the "Can't confirm connection is secure" message

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Hmm, now I'm not sure, is Frontier the site where you were able to use the Add Exception button, or was it a different site?

In the little information panel you clicked, can you find the More Information button? Use that button to open the Page Info dialog to the Security section, and then you should find the View Certificate button there.

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When I go to the website where I was able to use the 'Add Exception Button' and open the Security Section this is what I get;

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The screen shot did not attach?? What is listed under "Issued by"?

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There is no 'Issued BY'

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Hi lbkazel, The second group of lines is the "Issued By" section I was thinking of.

For the Entrust certificate

If you visit Entrust's login page, will it load? The idea behind this is to make sure that all the links in the chain of trust for Entrust certificates are recognized and stored by Firefox.


If necessary, how to update the certificate chain on the server, or import into Firefox: http://www.entrust.net/ssl-technical/chaincert_faq.cfm

For Frontier/Yahoo

To view the certificate and "Issued by" section of the certificate, I think you will need to use a different browser that can load the page. The process is generally similar: click the padlock in the address bar, then follow the link to view the certificate/certificate details.