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bookmarks sync erase new tags, labels and description on former synchronized bookmarks

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hello, on firefox 32.0.3 bookmarks synchronisation erase recent tags, labels and description during the sync. this happen on already sync bookmarks on which we add some tags, labels and description, but not on new ones. no error message when logging or unlogging. thanks in advance best regards

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Hi ebntv, Thank you for your question, I understand that after a recent sync to your sync account that there are Recent Tags, descriptions and labels missing. However it is only the older Bookmarks that are affected.

I have attached two screenshots to clarify to make sure I understand the feature that is affected:

  1. The first has the default recent tags and list of all tags.
  2. the second is an older bookmark visited 32 times that has all of the details after a sync.(However it never had a description or keyword)

Which information is missing exactly?

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Also I actually cannot find a way to add keywords in the new version, this may have been removed. Is there a way you are adding the descriptions and keywords back?

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The Bookmark keywords feature is still working for me in Firefox 32; for the existing keywords from years past and with newly added keywords.

Any chance that Xmarks was used on that Firefox - currently or in the past, along with Sync? Xmarks tags preceded that feature being added to Firefox in 2008, and the two separate sets of tags codes aren't compatible - or so I have read over the years in this forum. As far as labels and descriptions being gone goes, I have no ideas other than a b0orked places.sqlite file.

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I agree, the-edmeister has mentioned there is a function to add a keyword. This is where I found to add the field to the current new bookmark star icon: http://www.guidingtech.com/5941/add-keywords-bookmark-firefox-addres...