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Possible Bug In Firefox for Mac on Retina Macs only

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There appears to be a problem that only occurs in Firefox for the Mac, and only on retina devices (works fine on non-retina macs). It involves the images on a slider flickering, which can best be seen here:

http://vinehousestudios.co.uk - Real life implementation showing the problem

Please advise...


Simon Guiliard.

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The only CSS I see contributing to this is:

   animation: 6s ease-in 0.6s normal forwards 1 imagezoom;

or opacity changing in steps I cannot tell, but this may be a compatibility error that further investigation is needed. Current MDN animation documentation I have tested it on other browsers on the Mac and have not seen a difference.

You may be experiencing a update in the driver issue [Bug 962594] or a few others. However right now there are a number of changes being made to the animation toolkit. I recommend taking advantage of these css toolkit features to optimize Firefox.