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Flash Question Re Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - GTI8160

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Am I correct in saying that if a mobile device says it is not compatible with Adobe Flash then the phone won't be able to play a flash file no matter which Add-On is used?

If anyone has a solution as to enabling this smartphone to play Flash files I will appreciate it.

I am aware that companies should be using HTML5 when compiling their new videos in order that they will play in all mobile phones.

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Have just deleted the latest version for Android as it wasn't playing videos correctly but I found that the stock browser was playing correctly hence the reason for un-installing.

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You need to actually install the old Adobe Flash 11.1 plugin for Android.

It appears to have a NovaThor U8500 cpu which is ARMv7 however no guarantees the Flash plugin will work.


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But if Flash isn't compatible with the device how will using an archived version of Flash make it play videos? and will I just not receive the same message?

Btw, does it have to be the 11.1 version?

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What is the stock browser on your device -- the pre-Chrome Android browser?

Adobe stopped supporting Flash on Android and no current version is available. If you need to have Flash in Firefox, then the old plugin is the only game in town. And with the latest versions of Android, it might not work.

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Adobe stopped supporting Flash for Android (and PlayBook) as of Flash 11.1 but you can still get Flash by installing the plugin. Note that this Plugin will not work on Intel devices.

Some sites especially news related ones have made is so the old Flash 11.1 and 11.2 (still supported on Linux) will not work for flash videos and they try to get you to update when there is none.

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It is originally a Gingerbread-based phone but was upgraded to JellyBean 4.1.2 some time ago, so not sure if the stock browser has been upgraded by doing so, all I can say is that when I check the version for Internet via application manager it says it's version 4.1.2-I8160XXNA1

Do you happen to know if the upgrade from GB 2.3.6 to JellyBean 4.1.2 also upgraded the android web browser to the Chrome version, hopefully from the info I presented above with be enough to say which browser version I have.

I found this and perhaps this is why my phone has issues with Flash:

Using out of date software works in its favour in another way too. The Galaxy Ace 2 supports Adobe Flash, where Jelly Bean phones will not. Adobe is reportedly going to remove the Flash app from Google Play some time in the future, so if you have an Ace 2 already, you'd better download it now.

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Actually maybe I should have asked 'Will Flash or with an archived Flash work on a smartphone that has JellyBean 4.1.2?

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I think the only way to know whether it will work is to test and see.

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Flash works in Firefox on Android 4.1+ if you have Firefox 27.0 or newer so that should not be an issue.

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I tried installing version 11.1 but it just will not install, I had to install WinZip but that didn't help.